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My Idea about RETIREMENT may not be the newest nor the best but I am very passionate about bringing Retirees together for happiness, not only face to face but through all other means like the internet, the Radio, the television, magazine to share knowledge, ability and grace as God’s given, to enliven the coming generation of Retirees through the Radio, Television, Magazines and any other valuable media, it is the responsibility of the able to help the less able, to give the people in their area or circle of influence total development.. When the less able are developed and empowered, they are happier and can be able to contribute better for other less privileged Retirees and their children can have better protection from vices.

(a) Meaning of Retirement
In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth and all that is in it (Gen 2:1 KJV) Thus, th e heavens and all the earth were finished and all the host of them. And on the seventh day, God ended his work which he had made and HE RESTED on the seventh day from all His work which he had made. And GOD blessed the seventh day and sanctified it because that in it he had RESTED from all his work which he had created and made. The main biblical and divine message here is ‘HE RESTED’. Therefore, RESTING after work, CASUAL or NORMAL LEAVE after some time of work and RETIREMENT is God’s designed programme for our life; the manifestation of God’s vision for REST after a period of work. Whether we like it or not we will all leave our jobs one day, this is a day or a time we may or may not really know but we can and must plan our lives for RETIREMENT.
To retire ordinarily means withdrawal, to go away or to stop doing something; Retirement therefore is the action or act of leaving one’s job and ceasing to work for the period of one’s life after leaving one’s job.

(b)Retirement: A must for every life
Like death is inevitable, so is retirement. Retirement is God’s ordained principle as seen in Genesis 2:2 (And on the seventh day, God ended His work which he hath made). Resting after work; casual or normal leave as well as Retirement are God’s designed program for our lives and a manifestation of God’s vision for rest.
Whether we like it or not, we will all leave our job one day and finally leave this life.

(c) Reasons for Retirement
There are several reasons for retirement depending on the nature of job, organization’s conditions and several other factors as listed below:
• Retirement by Age
• Retirement by Self-decision
• Retirement due to dismissal from employment
• Retirement by Advice
• Retirement for lack of enjoyment of the job
• Retirement due to Health Issues
• Retirement due to War and other communal issues

(d)Planning for your retirement
“Our happiness depends on ourselves”, so says Aristotle.
Happiness in retirement is a major issue so, when planning for your retirement, you must choose a realistic retirement plan so as to help you in creating your retirement plan schedule and to discover whether or not you will be able to achieve your goals in a realistic time period. This will also help you to plan better your day to day spending habit and discipline yourself to live with less stress because you will be burdened by less debt and less problems.

(e) Retire Young
It is time I step aside, for the ‘less experienced’, ‘less privileged’ and ‘less abled’ so as to build the next generation for Experience and Ability – Komolafe Christopher.
Picturing yourself in retirement may be difficult because you may feel it is so many years away that you cannot fathom the idea of retiring; you are a middle-aged or newly employed staff of your organization and you feel retiring is impossible.
Most people have absolutely no desire to stop working however; they should remember that all is at the detriment of the coming generations. Many don’t even know they can be more successful trying their hands on other things outside the job they do while financial insecurity may be compelling many workers to delay retirement.

(f) Retire Rich
Would you want to retire Rich? Then, read the book, “RETIREMENT; A Must for Every Life”- Retire Young, Retire Rich, Retire Healthy. By the time you finish reading, you’d thank God for a changed life, a changed mind and a changed attitude to business; Christian or non-Christian, Old or Young.
Let me tell you that the rate of change in your heart is directly proportional to the rate of change in your life and this would be backed up by your Passion and Persistence because when you combine those two ‘Ps’, true success is guaranteed.
Finally, retirees should tap opportunities.

(g) Retire healthy
Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of a disease or infirmity (World Health Organization).
People say “Health is Wealth”. What else can one do without good health? I pray the Lord bless you with good health whether on retirement or still working.
Your good health is paramount; what you do to achieve good health is discussed in more than one chapter of the book with good pieces of advice that you see your doctor regularly and take your medications as required.
One of the best things to do for yourself is to take good care of your health whether man or woman and it is natural to think about eating well and exercising as an important part of being healthy but there are other factors to consider in ensuring a healthy life as well.

(h) Retirement Foundation
Retirement foundation is a general program, an umbrella under which all other non-profit programs designed for Retirees are put and managed.
It creates a platform through which every working soul or retiree can find one or two programs to suit him/her, to keep his/her mind off all worldly problems and to solve problems, to meet with other retirees in the world, to share joy and experiences with fellow retirees, to attend and felicitate with other retiree groups in any part of the world.

(i) Retirement Clinic
This is an online forum where retirees from different vocations meet and discuss issues pertaining to health, business, social well-being as well as other challenges. I call it clinic as it serves the purpose of providing “treatment” to retirees burning issues. It also affords the opportunity of meeting and having new mentors among fellow retirees.

(j) Retirement Will
This is a program that allows you as a worker or retiree to willingly give part of your will for the development of the less privileged and for uplifting programs under the retirement foundation.

(k) Retirement Village
Retirement Village (a Non-Governmental Organization) will be a village of fun, excitement and entertainment where retirees can have ‘time-outs’ with friends and family. It will be more of amusement park and world museum of Retirees, where people from different part of the world could research about Retirees and Retirement either as an issue orby student both Local and international.
Four (4) acres of land has already been acquired and dedicated for this purpose; we welcome and appreciate donations to allow immediate take-off. And further Expansion.

(l) Retirement Bank
Retirees occupy a large percentage of the world population. Through determination and cooperation, we can launch WORLD RETIREMENT BANK (WRB) a bank with a very little interest rate to assist retirees who are able to start or already running a small scale business of their own.
It is a Non-Governmental Project aimed at catering for the financial needs of retirees and less-privileged.

(m) Retirement Radio
This is going to be a Non-Governmental Organization radio station transmitted and operated like the British Broadcasting Cooperation and would focus on the retirement foundation objectives thereby building people at work as well as retirees for the best retirement future in terms of richness, good and healthy living as well as encouraging them to retire early giving opportunities to develop future experience and ability as it is in my quote – “it is time I step aside for the less experienced, less privileged and less abled so as to build the next generation of experience and ability”.

(n) Retirement Television
This will also be a functional base and a forum to connect retirees, to share from retirees lives, to guide retirees to do the best in their retirement and to bring to the world that final retirement is Sure and should be Prepared for.

(o) Retirement Cooperative and Credit Investment Group
It is a World Non-governmental Organization project where retirees are grouped for Cooperative and Credit Investment to share and benefit from common group goals. The group can benefit from banks or any other affiliated bodies in the world that can assist.

(p) Retirement Magazine
It will be a monthly or quarterly publication reporting all events from any part of the world and people will have access to subscribe for as many copies as they want especially for the less-privileged retirees in their areas or for people who do not have access to other forms of media like Radio, television and the internet. Such bringing retirement foundation program to the grassroot.
It is to be issued at subsidized, affordable prices and would be in as many languages as possible bringing joy and awareness to retirees.

(q) Retirement Donations
This will be a free and voluntary donation towards the development of any or all of the above World Non-Governmental Projects, it is designed that blessed retirees all over the world should be able to make a token as their window might for the retirees through the Retirement program for instance, retirees and workers are to pay a sum of #20 or more daily to this cover and if anyone feels he can do more, all is well.
People can pay weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly as the case may be and as it is more convenient. The program is tagged “Concerned Retirees helping the less abled Retirees” ( C O R E L E A R ).

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