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“A book that guides people to Retire young! Retire rich!!  as well as Retire Healthy ?!!!


Our work on retirement was done purposely to touch some aspects that were not really dealt with by several writers and authors on Retirement.Our work on retirement was done purposely to touch some aspects that were not really dealt with by several writers and authors on Retirement.We have analyzed and viewed Retirement in three main dimensions as follows:

Retirement in which people Retire but are not yet tired to take up another job of less or higher pay; either personal or others, depending on the circumstances for which one uses the Rest of his or her useful age.

This is a Retirement stage When one must have exhausted his or her useful working life either by age or health and all he or she is left to do is to walk around, read or listen to news, eat, sleep, with or without little recreation and waiting for the final Retirement.This is the final Retirement in live and for all living, it is ‘DEATH’ the final end to all that has live.

‘RETIREMENT a must for every life’;The book written by a Retiree from Union Bank of Nigeria with a mission to provide relevant business and informative ideas that will develop people’s expectations through skilled and highly motivated workforce so as to guarantee adequate benefit to all stakeholders, and to live a good and healthy life before and after retirement.

It was written as a befitting tribute to celebrate all retirees in the four corners of the world where people have worked and retired. This book is a must for every living being, it is a life book that touches people’s life from the day you start to think of what you want to do or what to be in life, either to work or not to work, either to grow or not to grow, either to reach your peak, to live a healthy life.

This website was developed to support the book as well as to touch life of other retirees all over the world, meeting and interacting with retirees in any part of the world, to share in the events of  world Retirees and finally to know that you are bound to retiree from life one day and meet with your God for which you should start the preparation now!The book was borne out of the burning desire to assist individual staff of organizations whether private or government and persons who need motivation and inspirations, irrespective of where they have their foot on the organizational ladder or in their personal business.

The book has been put together such that you will know how to plan for your Retirement, that the Lord has given you the power to get wealth around you and how to position yourself for Riches and Good health.  Establish a surviving business,the problems associated as well as  problems in Retirement and how to solve all.

The author also tells us of some selected notable Retires Although there are millions of other notable retirees both dead and living all around the world, we have selected some, showing their personal details as well as their work experiences and other activities from birth till time of retirement and or final retirement(death) to show them as mentors, role models, heroes and to show their contributions in their respective areas of influence.

These celebrated personalities who were notable employees or employers in their respective countries in their life time and have contributed a lot to their communities will enrich the public with their roles considering their successes, failures, challenges and how they overcame.

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