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[Members Benefits]


Membership card for two Adults married person only (husband and wife).

  • Unlimited free admissions for two adults to Retirees Occasions.
  • Invitation to Exhibition  Preview Events for member in any country  of the World.
  • Member docent tours (advance reservations required )
  • Free copy of our Retirement guide book titled RETIREMENT A MUST FOR EVERY LIVE a must read for all.
  • Invitation to  Exclusive receptions/ entertainments.
  • Foundation T shirt one per member for wearing at Programs and Retirees Event in any countries of the World.
  • 10% discount at Foundation museum/ stores and lnternational purchase  for some selected goods with member card only. (Rebated goods and       services will be posted on our sites, emails and blog).
  • 10% discount for flights, Restaurants, with membership cards only.
  • Access to pre and post RETIREMENT Training programs.
  • Invitation for two for an exclusive luncheon with Foundation  Executives at any countries where such would hold.
  • Formal Acknowledgement as VIP at a signature Events.
  • Attendance  at a colorful  Retirees World Day celebration ( prior notice of not less than three months shall be given with local and  international         Advertisement.
  • Easy support and travelling arrangements for Members.
  • Free training on pre and post RETIREMENT  development at all Retirees Camp.
  • Possibility of been employed  and keeping you busy with any of the Retirees World divers program.
  • Possibility of scholarships for training at home country and abroad.
  • Access to publication for your Retirement programs ( We concentrate  more on good health, good wealth and good mind in Retirement).
  • Helping the Needy and less previlledge Retiree member is a priority but  depending on our capabilities

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