Retirement, A Must From Every Life Retire Young! Rich!! & Healthy!!!
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Why ?

It is estimated that over one billion of the population world wide are Retirees and Aged, while yet another over one billion are active workers and are looking forward to Retirement all these with the taught of what to do to make their Retirement blissful. Life in Retirement and old age is supposed to be peaceful and of enjoyment at its fullest but reverse is the case for most member Retirees and the Aged because of many factors ranging from
  • lnadequate preparation by individual Retirees
  • Lack of care by the government
  • Lack of love between people to each other.
  • Lack of Knowledge of what Retirement and old age will be.
For these l still advocate as the first person to solicit that Retirement as a course be included in our school’s curriculum so that people should know why and how to prepare for a blissful Retirement .

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